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giorni della settimana [1]

The Institute of Italian Culture (NCLE) launches Italian language courses from the beginning of February. Classes will be held by a visiting Italian teacher, Annamaria Ferrari, and they will include two lessons per week plus an Italian conversation club organised on a bi-weekly basis with native Italian speakers. (ESC volunteers).

The course is open to students at any linguistic level and it will provide each of them with the language skills to obtain a CILS certification if desired. At the same time, the Institute will issue its own certificate to all participants.

The course will be provided in English or another intermediary language according to demand. The classes will take place starting from the 3rd February until June, at our office located in M. Kostava st. 68, (at public Georgian Broadcaster, III building, II floor), right besides Heroes Square.

Before then, you can visit our office any time from Monday to Friday (16.30 - 20.00) to get to know each other and to define your expectations and level!

Fill in the form below to express your interest and we will get in touch with you promptly.

Course Price (GEL) Base language of lessons Lessons per week Levels
classes 150 (for classes of more than 8 students) English (or other intermediary language) 2 lessons per week + bi-weekly language club with native Italian speakers A1-C1
from 1 to 4 students 250 (or 150 GEL only 1 lesson per week) English, Italian or Russian 2 lessons per week + bi-weekly language club with native Italian speakers A1-C1
Annamaria Ferrari

Get to know your future teacher!

Annamaria Ferrari lives in Milan, Italy. She holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (Università degli Studi di Milano, 2016) and a master degree in European and American Languages and Literature (Università degli studi di Pavia, 2018), plus a specialization (Master) in Russian. She has been working at the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (2019-2020) and as translator and teacher of Italian and English. She holds English and Russian certifications (C2 and B2 respectively). Annamaria loves exploring and learning from new cultures while sharing her own language and knowledge.

Registration form
What is your current level?
  • No experience
  • A1 (beginner)
  • A2 (elementary)
  • B1 (intermediate)
  • B2 (upper intermediate)
  • C1 (advanced)
What level do you want to achieve?
  • A1 (beginner)
  • A2 (elementary)
  • B1 (intermediate)
  • B2 (upper intermediate)
  • C1 (advanced)
  • C2 (close to native speaker)
Do you prefer to join a class or to have individual/in pair lessons?
  • classes
  • individual or in pair lessons
In which language do you prefer to have classes ?
  • English
Are you interested to obtain an official CILS certificate?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know
Please specify your availability, is there any day/time in which you are not available?
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If you want to know more, join the official chat of the course!

  1. -- hello, with reference to the weekdays' poster in the class room, theoretically they are 7, but in practice they are 3 and 1/2, right ?
    -- Counting names of the planets, we have 4 and Moon as 1/2:) But why 3 and 1/2 ?) It is a difficult puzzle:)
    -- it's rather about working days. On Monday you are recovering from the weekend ...
    on Friday afternoon you are already virtually in the weekend
    so the working days are just Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday, actually
    (from our chat on matrix)