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The Institute of Italian culture (NGO) provides courses of Italian language in its classrooms located in M. Kostava st. 68, (at public Georgian Broadcaster, III building, II floor), right besides Heroes square.

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Courses are being held in an informal and stimulating atmosphere, with classes composed by a small number of students, every day from 16.00 to 20.00 from Monday to Friday, and are aimed at intercultural exchange, inclusion, and solidarity.

If you are enthusiast of Italian language and culture, and you are interested to participate in an intercultural exchange with native Italian speakers (as well as Georgian qualified teachers and interpreters) in an environment distinguished by the right balance between professionalism, and a sympathetic and friendly atmosphere, just fill-in the following form (or directly write at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enrollment form
Why do you want to learn Italian?
  1. I want to work using Italian language
  2. I want to study using Italian language
  3. Cultural interest / personal knowledge
  4. interpersonal relationships
  5. prospective stay in Italy
What is your profession / background ?
  1. I'm a student or scholar
  2. I'm an employee
  3. I'm a professional or manager
  4. other *
Do you have any experience of learning Italian language?
  • I haven't experience yet
  • Few personal attempts
  • I have taken private lessons during *
  • I have attended classes during *
  • Just "real life" experience
Do you prefer individual lessons or classes ?
  • Individual lessons
  • Classes
Are you able to understand/speak in English ?
  • yes
  • no
Our office is located in M. Kostava st. 68 (Tbilisi), are you able to attend 2 times per week (in person) and at what time ? (explain)
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