Meeting with Lasha Kharazi

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Title Meeting with Lasha Kharazi
Authors Mattia Baldoni, Gabriele Rota, Tommaso de Vivo
Date 12/2018

Tbilisi, 19th December 2018

Members of Istituto cultura italiana (NGO), (Mattia Baldoni, Gabriele Rota and Tommaso de Vivo) hosted at their office Lasha Kharazi, PhD candidate in Philosophy at Tbilisi State University and recently invited Professor of philosophy at Caucasian University. During the presentations, Lasha said to having started his studies 4 years ago and since 2 he is writing his Phd thesis, at the same time delivering lectures in several academic classes.

"Lasha got up from his chair and went looking at the city's view from the windows of the office, almost inviting all present to contemplate the sense of this transformation"

Tommaso stressed that you need such amount of time (at least 1 year for the preparatory work, and then at least 2 years for writing the thesis) in order to examine and to collect bibliography.

Lasha answered that the problem now was indeed to reduce the bibliography which he had collected along the time, and that in some way he wanted to reduce his entire bibliography to the works of the only [Gilles] Deleuze.

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