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Federica's first lesson

Federica's first lesson

Tbilisi, March 25, 2021

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Federica Amaducci has delivered a lesson in front of a group of 10 young people willing to learn Italian language (and culture).

The lesson has been opened with a presentation of Federica (see below) translated from English to Georgian from Shorena, began with a brief exposition of the Italian alphabet and personal pronouns, and continued with presentation phrases and numbers (including zero). After the lesson followed a little refreshment at the "TV cafè" with cakes, tea and juice (nothing alcoholic despite the misleading declarations or foretastes).

Federica Amaducci holds a degree in History of Art from University of Pisa and attended a course for teaching Italian language to foreigners at the Koine center in Lucca. She has been working for several years as nature guide in Europe, and since 2017 she lives between Italy and Georgia, which almost became for her a second home, and a professional destination. In 2019 in collaboration with local guides she has published a documentary photography book on the Vashlovani National Park in southeastern Georgia published by Il Campano.
Federica's goal is to continue to make this country known and at the same time to create a tourist consciousness of respect for the other.

Materiale prima lezione[edit | edit source]

Argomenti trattati

  • alfabeto
  • numeri
  • presentazioni

Nelle presentazioni sono inclusi i pronomi personali e il verbo essere/avere, che saranno tra gli argomenti trattati nella lezione successiva.

Esercizi[edit | edit source]