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Since 2022 we entered into an agreement with University for Foreigners of Siena for the provision of CILS certificates of Italian language.

With the official CILS certificate students can:

  • comply with the requirements to obtain scholarships provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (they require a B1 level)
  • enroll to a University course in Italy (required level, B2)
  • comply with the requirements to obtain a residence card permit in Italy (required level, A2)

The current price for individual lessons is 100 GEL / month (as a promotion) and for classes (from September 2022) is 150 GEL / month. (8 lessons)

price / month
course price (GEL) language of lessons
classes 150 Georgian / English
individual lessons / peer 100 GEL / student (promotion, until 15th September 2022) English
Exam fees (to be paid contextually to the registration to the exam)
level price (euro)
A1 40
A2 40
B1 90
B2 105
C1 135
C2 160

Methodology[edit | edit source]

peer/individual lessons

All courses are held by qualified teachers, who are usually of Italian mother tongue.
During peer/individual lessons, the teacher displays the spoken sentences and the conversation on a screen, so that the student has an immediate feedback of the spoken/written language.

We use a methodology which maximizes the effectiveness of learning through the stimulation of both short-term and long-term memory. Beginner students are trained with a vast number of scenarios and situations (and related vocabulary) as they would face in real life. More advanced students are trained with news and culture and society articles, according to their interest, in order to acquire quickly a deep and professional understating of Italian language and culture !

In individual/peer classes, the course is interspersed with grammar digressions or single lessons, however most of the lessons will be dedicated to a natural and stimulating conversation to the linguistic level of the learner. At the end of each lesson the transcript is sent to the students for future reference and as support for their home-work.

Registration[edit | edit source]

If you want to enroll to the courses of Italian, just fill-in the following form!

Registration form
What level do you want to achieve ?
  1. A1
  2. A2
  3. B1
  4. B2
  5. C1
For what reason do you need a CILS certificate ?
  1. I want to enroll in an Italian university
  2. I want to apply for a scholarship
  3. I want to obtain an Italian residence card permit
  4. other
What is your current level ?
  • I haven't experience yet
  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
Are you able to understand/speak in English ?
  • yes
  • no
Do you prefer individual/peer lessons or classes ?
  • Individual/peer lessons
  • Classes
Additional questions or notes ...
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Venue[edit | edit source]

This is our precise location (Tbilisi, M. Kostava st. 68, inside the area of public Georgian Broadcaster, III building, II floor)

Exam B1 (example)[edit | edit source]

These are the official examination tests for B1 level. Source:

Prova ascolto 1[edit | edit source]

Ascolta i testi. Poi completa le frasi. Scegli una delle quattro proposte di completamento che ti diamo per ogni frase.

Scegli una delle quattro proposte di completamento che ti diamo per ogni frase
1. L’impiegata dell’agenzia turistica consiglia al turista di acquistare
  1. un pacchetto di visite guidate per i musei.
  2. una tessera giornaliera per la metropolitana.
  3. un abbonamento settimanale al servizio di taxi.
  4. una carta-sconto per monumenti e mezzi di trasporto.
2. Il signor Quintili vuole
  1. riconsegnare l’auto in un’altra città.
  2. pagare l’auto al termine del noleggio.
  3. riconsegnare l’auto dopo due giorni.
  4. cambiare l’auto che ha noleggiato.
3. Laura vuole prenotare il treno delle ore 8 perché
  1. teme di arrivare tardi a un appuntamento.
  2. vuole evitare l’ora di punta del traffico.
  3. ha paura di viaggiare di notte.
  4. vuole avere il tempo per trovare l’albergo.
4. Maria dice a Luca che
  1. non ha trovato i biglietti del concerto.
  2. va al concerto dopo il lavoro.
  3. possono mangiare insieme dopo il concerto.
  4. non può andare al concerto per motivi di lavoro.
5. La signora vuole acquistare cibi che
  1. non si sciupano durante il viaggio.
  2. contengono ingredienti naturali.
  3. hanno una data di scadenza lunga.
  4. non occupano molto spazio.
6. Il cameriere dice alla signora che il ristorante
  1. ha finito le verdure.
  2. ha un nuovo cuoco.
  3. offre molte ricette vegetariane.
  4. propone un antipasto di verdure crude.
7. Marco telefona a Marina per invitarla
  1. a visitare una mostra.
  2. al matrimonio di sua nipote.
  3. a una gita a Rovigo.
  4. a sentire un concerto.
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