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Leisure time of some staff members

Leisure time of some staff members

Title Leisure time of some staff members
Authors Tommaso de Vivo
Date 1/12/2018
Excerpt Then he said that in his opinion, computer science is the art of making appear alive, dead things, and he added that (in the realm of software) it is all a matter of creating the illusion that something has intelligence, so that you can interact up to a certain degree with it, while the intelligence possibly expressed by the software absolutely lacks of consciousness.
Tags synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, consciousness, Movement theatre

Tbilisi, 1 December 2018

Tommaso, a board member of the Institute of Italian culture (NGO), has invited Gabriele and Mattia (Italian volunteers of the Erasmus+ programme) to join him to spend a few hours of leisure time in the area of Liberty square, in Tbilisi. The purpose of the meeting was to confirm the lease at their current location at Ketevan Kuchuloria's place (a professional working at Tbilisi's city hall) and to facilitate their acquaintance with Niko Availishvili and Fore Availishvili (nicknames for Nikoloz and Cristophore) sons of Irakli Availishvili, remarkable Georgian theoretical physicist and painter (his paintings have a dreamlike and visionary character, and Irakli is distinguished for a remarkable talent for colors).

Because Tommaso did not eat, since all the day, until 30 minutes before the meeting with Gabriele and Mattia, he headed to a Machakela restaurant in the middle of Leselidze street, to wait there Mattia and Gabriele while at the same time satiating hunger.

He ordered as usual (as a quite habitual orderly of that place) a "big" or "didi" "lobiani" (a flat bread with beans cream) and then he switched-on his laptop to find some documentation about the integration of "Quasar" (a Vuesj framework) and Laravel (a PHP framework).

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synthetic biology
artificial intelligence
Movement theatre

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