Meeting with Irakli Avalishvili by Gabriele Rota

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Title Meeting with Irakli Avalishvili
Authors Gabriele Rota
Date 2019

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Tbilisi, 23rd January 2019

Recently, members of Istituto cultura italiana (NGO), Mattia Baldoni, Gabriele Rota and Tommaso de Vivo, had a meeting with Irakli Aivalishvili, a talented painter and physicist, introduced by Tommaso as his close friend.

After the greetings, art became the main topic of conversation. More specifically, Irakli claimed that different kind of figures and subjects require different kind of attitude and ability.

For instance, in drawing nature, like flowers, woods and landscapes, you need to choose the right colours, you need to give an original and creative perspective, you need to convey your emotions. To sum up, you need talent.

On the other hand, painting a human or an animal figure is a completely different story. Only hard working and exercise can make you achieve a solid work.

Irakli claimed that it is very important to figure out what is your main strength and inspiration, in order to get the best result.

Then Irakli started to talk about his sons, Koka and Niko.

Both have interest in art and in architecture. Both them represent the two different ways in painting explained before. One is very rational and “realist” in his works. The other, in his father’s words, is “pure talent”.

The latter also held an exhibition with about 80 flower paintings.

Irakli said us that he also also sold one of these paintings to a Turkish man for about 3,000 lari. But he has now chosen a different way, leaving paintings for handmade works.

Irakli didn’t agree too much with this idea. In his opinion, it’s like a waste of time and talent, which he could focus in wonderful paintings.

His son also had a stand, selling some of his handmade works, carved in the wood. Irakli showed us pictures of these works, saying said that setting up an exhibition of this kind is quite expensive, that’s why incomes are very low.

Therefore, Irakli discussed about financial problems that arise when almost everybody tries to make a living out of art. Just selling your artwork is not easy at all and often not enough to pay bills. So, a lot of artist are forced to find a more stable job, like architect, designer, or in the advertisement business.

Then Irakli asked Gabriele and Mattia where they were from. -- “A little village close to Perugia” Mattia said. Hearing “Perugia” led Irakli’s mind to thinking about the great Italian artist Pietro Vannucci, also known as Perugino. So he spoke about his school memories, remembering Perugino and other Renaissance Italian artists.

This pleasant meeting ended just after Irakli showed Tommaso, Gabriele and Mattia some of his best works.