2. Purposes of the organization (Object of activity)

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This organization is called to represent the “italian culture” abroad, and particularly in Georgia; it is not to be considered an “italian” organization or association, since its members or founders, in turn, have not to be considered necessarily tied to Italy and its administration: instead, they represent only the cultural aspect of it, within an international approach and environment. Its purpose is therefore the cultural promotion, through meetings, exhibitions, courses, workshops, and similar activities, of the “italian culture” considered in its revolutionary character (think for instance at Renaissance and subsequent scientific revolution), as well as the development of innovative and artistic way to spread such intellectual work over the surrounding society (namely in Tbilisi). This is, indeed, the social “mission” of the Institute of italian culture, which we believe especially important: cultural work must have a direct impact over civil life. It must improve the face of the city; of human, and even economic relationships: an intellectual work which is not able to do it, or to set oneself as living examples of a better society, cannot be considered at all “intellectual”. Finally, the organization wish provide some kind of hospitality and support to an international and cultured audience of travelers (specifically, but not limited to, italian “scholars”) maintaining a balance with its cultural prerogatives. It will be therefore carried out all pertinent activities: the hosting, insofar as possible, of visitors; the preparation of an appropriate ambiance for study and working; the offer of food and drink, in turn considered as “cultural nourishment” and therefore falling under the specific commitments of the organization; plus any other service compatible with the purposes, prerogatives and guidelines of such organization.

Note 1. By the word “activity” is meant any service or initiative provided by the member(s) of this organization, according to their skill, aimed to realize the purposes, guidelines and prerogatives of this organization. For a definition of “prerogatives” and “guidelines” see Appendix 1.

Note 2. This organization is encouraged, but is not limited to, to cooperate with other state or non-state organization(s), national or international, for the dissemination of its purposes, guidelines and prerogatives.

Note 3. The offer of “food and drink” stated above, in a first phase of the life of this organization, is inactive or suspended until, according to the article 5 (7) of the Entrepreneurs Law of Georgia, this registration will not be “enriched” with the required data.

Note 4. According to the article 25 (5) of the Civil code this non-profit entity is authorized to conduct business activity with subsidiary character, and the profit received from this kind of activity should be used as a means of realizing its goals. Sharing the received profit between members, founders, donors or persons who have managerial/representative authorities, is prohibited.

Note 5. Other property of this non profit, non-commercial legal entity may also be constituted by donations, grants, and other possible incomes permitted by the law.

Note 6. The transfer of assets of this non profit, non-commercial legal entity is regulated by the article 36 of the Civil code.