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Magic words and Parser functions are a way to empower the wiki text (the specific language through which pages of all wikis are written, thus one can also use Visual editor where available) with some programmatic feature, for instance the ability to add the current date to a page (which will update during subsequent access) or to trigger whatever other function available in the wiki on the server side. They are both completely comparable to templates, with the difference that the second ones are always called with a parameter, and that the logics behind them is not placed within a template or module (so that it can be accessed on the wiki) but is coded server side.

Here is a list of the additional magic words provided by our platform (as usual they are prefixed with the string "CI_" to distinguish them easily from other Mediawiki magic words and parser functions)

name what it does
CI_userAffiliatedTo shows the organization to which the logged in user is affiliated
CI_userRealName shows the real name of logged in user (by contrast to the username)
CI_isSysop returns 1 if the logged in user is an admin ("sysop")
CI_loggedIn returns 1 if the page's visitor is logged in
CI_visitorIsoCode returns the iso code of country of the visitor
CI_visitorCountry returns the country name of the visitor

and parser functions:

name what it does
CI_editors_realnames returns the real names from a list of usernames
CI_editors_attribution taking an ask query returning the editors of a page as input, returns the page creator or editors of a given page, and the the affiliated organization for each of them, passing to the function a pattern like "created by [name], affiliated to [organization]"
CI_subpages returns the list of sub-pages ("kids" only) of a given page within only 1 depth level, without duplicates
CI_format_title returns the actual page title given a path; e.g. "Presepe /1" from "Centro Italiano Barcellona/Posts/Presepe /1"
CI_noparse_isHTML prevents Mediawiki from html encoding output

Instructions of use

Magic words

name return value example result
CI_userAffiliatedTo logged in user affiliation {{CI_userAffiliatedTo}}
CI_userRealName logged in user real name {{CI_userRealName}}
CI_isSysop whether the logged in user is an administrator or not {{CI_isSysop}}
CI_loggedIn whether the user is logged in or not {{CI_loggedIn}}
CI_visitorIsoCode country code of user (based on the ip) {{CI_visitorIsoCode}} US
CI_visitorCountry country of user (based on the ip) {{CI_visitorCountry}} United States

Parser functions

function return value parameter
CI_editors_realnames comma separated real names list
CI_editors_attribution wiki-text unordered list with links, in the form [[complete path|page name]] followed by the real name of page creator or editor, and the affiliated organization list, delimiter, kind of output (ul or comma separated values), pattern with editor and related organization, and "fallback" pattern (optionally)
CI_subpages wiki-text unordered list with links, in the form [[/kid page title]] none
CI_format_title raw text complete page title



{{#CI_editors_attribution: {{#ask:
[[Category:Reading suggestions]]
|?Page creator
|?Creation date
}}|##|ul|created by [name], affiliated to [[[organization]]]| by [name] }}

will create the following list:

Where it can be noted the following:

  • both "Page creator" and "Creation date" properties are required, because the parser function checks the affiliation of the page creator within a given time-frame
  • the used separator symbol (## in the example, but could be something else) of the items returned by the ask query shall be provided to the CI_editors_attribution function as 2nd parameter, in order to separate items using the same symbol
  • the last 2 parameters of CI_editors_attribution function are the pattern to be used to format results and, the "fallback" pattern": the fallback pattern will be used if a value within squared brackets cannot be found/replaced.
  • the replacement value in the pattern is wrapped by single square brackets (i.e. [name] or [organization], at present), in the query [organization] is wrapped with 2 additional brackets in order to create a (wiki) link


{{#CI_editors_realnames: {{#ask: 
|?Page creator
|?Page author

will produce the following output:

Likewise as above, the output produced by the ask query, will be a list of usernames separated by the key-word '<MANY>', with properties separated by the '<PROP>' key-word, and the "CI_editors_attribution" parser function will retrieve the related real names and will concatenate them by commas.