Edit Opportunity: Opportunities/Language school "Praticamente" - Lavoro per un insegnante di inglese in Kazakistan per 3 mesi presso la Scuola di lingua Italiana “Praticamente”

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This is a form to create opportunities and calls regarding internships, scholarships, EVS/ESC voluntary projects and any other opportunity. It can be used by any authorized person of a center of Italian language and culture and the opportunity created will be published both on this page and on the front-end part of this project (in construction at September 2021), in a more interactive way.

The authors of the content (as affiliated to a given organization) will be mentioned at the end of the notice of the opportunity so that they can get an advantage (in terms of visits to their page) from their contribution. Also, once the form is created, any other content not foreseen by the form can be inserted in the page itself, so just keep the information in the form as short as possible!

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