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6. Rules of membership

6. Rules of membership

Inclusion-acceptance, rights-obligations of members, and termination/withdrawal of membership, are managed by the current director according to the purposes, guidelines and prerogatives of this organization. Even if the other members of this organization (if any) will not have executive role regarding such management, the director is called to take into account their advisory role and to motivate adequately his decisions, trying to reach, specifically in case of exclusion of a member, first of all the consensus of the latter.

Note 1. The membership in this organization is granted especially, but not limited to, to persons complying the requisites stated within the Appendix (“Among the qualities of the organization...”) ; in other words members of this organization should be scholars, or even people engaged in the social, intellectuals or “artists”, and all with a strong background of original ideas, and who meet in some way the purposes, guidelines and prerogatives of this organization.

Note 2. Members of this organization have the right to make use of its property within the scope of their specific activities within the scope of this organization; and they are called to promote and to improve the entire life of the organization.

Note 3. Members of this organization have the obligation to comply with the rules declared within this charter; with the purposes, guidelines and prerogatives of this organization; and to not cause any damage to it.

Note 4. Termination / withdrawal of membership occurs in case of a personal decision; in case of violation of the obligations stated above; or in other cases foreseen by the law.

Note 5 Each member of this organization to which is granted a temporary [occasional] representative authority within the specific scope of his activities and roles, is called to consult himself with the current director regarding any decision involving this organization in its whole, and specifically those regarding the management of its property, the management of other activities, or the promotion of the organization towards the outside.